Thank you for inquiring about Duncan Home Construction, Inc. I, David Duncan, and my wife, Allison Duncan, are the owners and operators.  After graduating from Apalachicola High School in 1994, I worked for a local contractor in Carrabelle, Florida. The experience was invaluable and provided me with training in residential construction. When a home was built, we completed each aspect of the construction process, beginning with site prep, foundation work, framing, siding, roofing, and finish work. I also accepted a position with the Franklin County Sheriff’s office.

Through the years, I worked as a Correctional Officer, Deputy, and Narcotics Investigator. In 2004, I began my own construction business and subcontracted with homeowners and licensed contractors. I was hired for various projects, such as framing structures, trim, and installation of siding. I also completed marine construction projects such as docks and boat lifts. In 2006, I earned my State Certified Residential Contractors License. Construction was becoming a full time endeavor and I decided to retire from the Sheriff’s Office. This decision allowed me to pursue building and provided the time necessary to build a full-time company. Soon thereafter, the economic downturn caused the construction industry to come to a standstill here on the Forgotten Coast.

As a result, in 2008, I accepted a supervisory position with a large Industrial Contractor and began to travel and gain experience in the Industrial area. In retrospect, I am very glad this opportunity became available. Had it not been for the economic plunge, I would not have considered leaving the area. I gained great experience in managing large, multi-million dollar projects and supervised large crews (30+) of structural and mechanical craftsmen. Some of the most exciting projects were rebuilding an electrostatic precipitator in a coal-fired power plant; building large steel structures and conveyor lines to support a primary crusher in a copper mine; and pouring elevated concrete slabs, which required thousands of yards of concrete.

Allison earned degrees in political science and business and graduated from Florida State University in 2010. She then joined me in Arizona and accepted a position with a local residential contractor. She had previous experience in the manufacturing industry and gained valuable experience as the office manager/book keeper and subcontractor coordinator. As much as we enjoyed seeing different parts of the country, we were far away from our families.  When the opportunity arose, we returned to Franklin County and started rebuilding Duncan Home Construction, Inc. If you have any questions about our experience and what services we can provide to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at (850) 370-6790.